The Maternal Instinct Myth is about rejecting the societal constraints of what being a parent means and doing things your way.

Ash from The Middle Finger Project says, “It feels fresh and new. I haven’t seen anybody else write a mom book like this.”

Ps. It’s not just a Mom book- it’s a book for Moms, for enlightened Dads and for rebellious individuals who may or may not even want kids but are interested either way in the perspective that comes from a bad ass entrepreneurial, expat nomad having a baby in a foreign country.

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This book isn’t intended to be parenting advice. This book isn’t going to show studies on how Cry It Out is best, I mean wait, Attachment Parenting is best, I mean wait OH MY GOD DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT WITH YOUR BABY. This book isn’t about giving tips on working from home with a newborn, it’s not about hacks on how to have it all and it’s definitely not a beautifully written ode to the joy of being mother.

This book is about permission.

This book is to help rewire the way you think about being a parent. This book is about why you can and should revel in how much fun a little one can be. This book is to help you get over the failures. This book is all the amazing advice that my tribe of incredible women around the world have shared with me.

This book is that kick in the pants from a friend telling you to go to New York to re-kindle your relationship, leave the baby behind and forget the guilt. This book is about telling you to throw a middle finger in the air like you just don’t care when you tell another family you co-sleep and they say snidely, “Our baby sleeps in his own room. We’re raising her to be independent, that’s very important to us.” This book is about giving zero fucks when you tell another family your son or daughter has slept in his own room in his crib since day one and they say, “We co-sleep because it’s just so important that our baby feels how dearly loved she is.”

Please, think of this book as one giant, “You do you, boo.”


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