I am about to fall asleep on the job here so I won’t write much but I wanted to publicly thank Nelly and Pablo as this was my first wedding back after having had Ayla…and they let me bring her along with Dani so I could feed her during the day. She was only 5 weeks old but she behaved like the perfect guest and fit right in to their laid back beach vibe at Club el Tebo. But seriously, how amazing are my brides and grooms that they would let me do that?! It was a really incredible experience for me to have my daughter there with me, the first time I shot a wedding having her in my life, and not having to worry about whether or not she was crying for me, whether or not she was hungry, whether or not Dani was losing his marbles taking care of her on his own.


The day was BEAUTIFUL, I don’t mean the weather, I mean the energy of the whole event. Nelly and Pablo are both sweet as pie, their families are salt of earth and all of their friends are the kinds of people you want to be around because they’ll make you belly laugh for miles. I am loving their photos, I think they do it justice!


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