Pregnancy is a study in being uncomfortable. Your body is like, ok, let’s think of Every. Single. Way. to make a human being uncomfortable…and then let’s torture her with all these things for 9 months. Your ears are literally the only part of your body that remain unaffected in pregnancy.

Here’s a list of 43 uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

  1. Throwing up/nausea. The worst, duh.
  2. Extra body hair.
  3. So much blood flowing to your genitals. Which results in chafing easily in your upper thighs. Butt Paste, for the win.
  4. Discharge. No need to go into graphics.
  5. Extra mucus. You are always somewhere on the scale from A Little Bit Snotty – Full On Blowing Nose Every 5 Minutes. Note, this mucus doesn’t come from getting sick, it’s just extra mucus that your body is producing because Insert Scientifical Reason Here.
  6. My fingernails have turned into claws that won’t stop growing.
  7. My uterus feels like I’m carrying around a ball of cement in my stomach.
  8. I can’t bend over comfortably because of said ball of cement.
  9. Even the most in shape woman in the world gets out of breath after going up one flight of stairs or walking briskly for a block or too. Your heart is pumping 40-50% more blood than when you’re not pregnant!
  10. Zits. Forget glowing. Think zits.
  11. Numb hands? My doctor said there’s a nerve in the wrist that starts to get pinched when you’re ligaments start loosening. I wake up in the middle of the night because my hand keeps falling asleep. Carpel tunnel.
  12. Hobbit ankles. To be honest, I haven’t started retaining much water yet but after one flight where I purposely dehydrated myself, I got off the plane and my ankles were the size of small melons.
  13. Giant feet. Your bones and ligaments loosen and expand (yay for when the baby is coming!) and your feet get bigger.
  14. Wide hips. You’ve seen the pregnancy waddle. That’s not just because of weight gain, that’s because of the actual physiological changes in the shape and size of your pelvic region.
  15. Having to pee constantly. I get up probably 5 times a night on average. Once I counted 12 times, in less than 9 hours. How rested do you think I wake up feeling?
  16. A baby sitting on my bladder. I don’t actually have to pee, I just want to do something, anything, to relieve the painful sensation of an iron fist squeezing my bladder. This pain has literally brought tears to my eyes.
  17. Once your baby gets big and your pelvic floor muscles are stretched out, sometimes you pee yourself a little. And by sometimes I mean all the time.
  18. Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty, give me all the liquids. Your body needs more water because of the extra blood, and obviously it’s not good for the baby to be dehydrated. But even though you are dying for water, you have to cut yourself off because otherwise you would just have to install a mattress next to the toilet and live in the bathroom permanently.
  19. Exhaustion. Pregnancy narcolepsy is a thing. The struggle is real.
  20. I hear some women get terrible back pain. Thank god I have super strong back muscles but even so, I can already feel a lot more pressure on my back at 6.5 months. I can only imagine how horrible it would be if my back wasn’t used to deadlifting hundreds of pounds.
  21. My boobs are so big they hurt.
  22. My nipples are overly sensitive and painful to touch on the worst days.
  23. My areola’s are freakishly large.
  24. Constant movement in my stomach. I love feeling my baby kick, it’s truly amazing to know I have a living human being inside of me. However, I’m not going to lie and say it’s always comfortable. And when he kicks right under my belly button, it hurts.
  25. My gums are more sensitive and bleed when I brush my teeth. Some women even lose teeth.
  26. My vision is off and on blurry.
  27. My neck hurts often.
  28. Even with a good night’s sleep, you are still so tired all the time. Your body is growing a human!!!!
  29. I used to have an innie belly button. Enough said.
  30. Ab separation. AKA rectis diastis. Makes sitting up or any movement involving your core muscles, which is all movements, awkward and uncomfortable.
  31. Lots more burping and farting.
  32. Acid reflex. I only have this mildly, but still, I can’t always lay down immediately after eating or the food will come back up immediately.
  33. Baby’s head smashing into your pelvic bones.
  34. Braxton Hicks, fake contractions. Mildly uncomfortable and annoying.
  35. Tiny-ness of stomach — if I eat or drink more than just a little at a time, I can no longer breathe or move because there’s no room for sustenance, baby and my lungs in there all at the same time.
  36. Pregnancy exacerbated asthma.
  37. Weird stretching feeling in the uterus that makes rolling over at night really uncomfortable. Picture a turtle on it’s back.
  38. Crying all the time, having highly intensified emotions about everything.
  39. No comfortable way to sit down — your belly won’t fit in front of the table. If you’re in a chair with legs down, your feet will swell. You want to type with your computer on your lap? Fuggetabboutit. You’ve got a watermelon instead of a stomach.
  40. Your pelvis bones start to feel like they’re about to crack in half.
  41. Itchy feet/hands.
  42. Itchy skin in general.
  43. Restless leg syndrome. Restless body syndrome. Trying to fall asleep, I’m like a fork getting plugged into an electric socket. ZAP.