I fell so hard for Copenhagen. Going in, I had absolutely no expectations. I’ve enjoyed all the Nordic countries I’ve been to but I didn’t have any particular ideas of what to expect for this city. I had a wedding there, and I was excited to jaunt around Europe and go somewhere knew, but that’s about it!

Anyways, this city turned out to be perfectly magical. I arrived well slept, I had a whole row of 5 seats in the middle of a big jet all to myself, so jet lag was no thang at all.

When I arrived at the airport, I was happy to see that the metro connected directly and easily so I could get to the city center with no problems at all. There were even what I thought were “guards” standing duty…they turned out not to be guards at all, but helpers for lost tourists. Yes, this city really is some kind of crazy utopia.

I rocked up at my hotel which was an awesome pod type of place — super modern but with a minimal amount of space. It was perfect for me, my belly, my camera gear and my tiny carry on (half of which was stuffed full of more camera gear). I was very impressed with myself for managing to do carry-on only for a three week trip through 6 countries, though I’m not going to lie, I got really sick of wearing the same leggings every day. Definitely wasn’t going to win any fashion contests for stylish travelers this time around…which is a shame because the Danish all looked quite beautiful and stylish to me. I felt out of place and underdressed everywhere I went!

As usual, I explored without an agenda. I did look at a map for some key tourist areas, picked one or two that interested me the most (Christiania neighborhood and The Little Mermaid statue) and then wandered on foot.

On my way to both of these places, I covered a looooot of ground walking. To give you an idea, my *average* amount of steps walked per day while in Europe was 20,000. Since I was doing CrossFit while on the road, that was my form of pregnant lady exercise.

When I had checked out the map, I didn’t even notice an old WWII fort, and even if I had seen it, that’s not the type of place I electively would’ve chose to go visit. HOWEVER, while I was walking to go see The Little Mermaid, I realized that I had stumbled upon it on my way and went inside to check it out. Ended up being so beautiful and very cool for photographs! I love love LOVE when touristing works out like that and you randomly find somewhere super cool!

Copenhagen seemed to have a nice coffee shop culture, however, I didn’t go to any of them to eat or have coffee because the city was so damn expensive! I ate mostly from the 7-11’s, which apparently in Denmark, are gourmet as fuck!!! We’re talking raw balls, cold pressed juices, fresh salads and seafood. I was SHOCKED and when I said so to the cashier he cracked up and said every single person from the U.S. always comments on that.


The architecture and the city plan was all perfectly laid out and gorgeous, of course!

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Holy moses, I always thought that Germany and Holland were the two most bike riding oriented cultures I would ever see, but Denmark was even crazier about cycling! Bikes everywhere, a lot of them weren’t even locked up, because duh, paradise.


This is the fortress I was talking about and the entrance to it that I just happened to walk by. At first I wasn’t even sure if it was somewhere civilian that I would be able to go into but then I saw that there were all kinds of people jogging and working out up there on the hills. It’s apparently a WWII fort slash park.

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And the light was stunning. STUNNING. Denmark rolled out the red carpet for me and my camera.

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I saw that lady up there jogging with her strolling and felt super inspired. #Momgoals

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I made it to the Little Mermaid right as a huge cruise ship of what appeared to be mostly Asian tourists pulled into the harbor. It was a madhouse!!! I pushed my way down by the statue and managed to take just one selfie where it looked like I was having a moment alone with Hans Christian Anderson’s muse, and then I hightailed it out of there.


And that was Denmark. Now I want to live there. Seriously.