“Dude, you’re amazing, you’re pregnant and you still have abs.”
“You don’t even look pregnant, you’re so fit.”
“You’ll be one of those women who has a flat stomach immediately following birth.”
“Oh my god, four months and you’re not even showing! So lucky!!!”
“You’ll bounce back in a week, I’m sure of it.”

I know these things are all meant as compliments and I do take them as such, but god damn, can a girl just have her baby and be fat in peace for a little bit?

The culture of commenting on a woman’s body during pregnancy is so intrusive and feels even more ridiculous at this stage in my life.

My priority is not how look. My priority is listening to my body.

And guess what. In the first trimester, I threw up non stop from week 10-14, all day long, every day, constantly nauseous when I wasn’t throwing up. During that time I listened to my body — and my body told me, “All you can eat right now is starch — white bread, noodles, potatoes, maybe some chicken if you’re really lucky.”

If I even looked at a green vegetable, I’d throw up. Forget anything and everything healthy. Full sugar non-Diet Coke was the only thing that sometimes occasionally helped with the nauseousness.

I ate what I could keep down.

And you hear it all —

Don’t gain weight during the first trimester, strictly forbidden if you don’t want to be an obese pregnant woman!
If you gain more than 20 pounds you’ll never be able to lose it after the birth.
Gaining more than 3 pounds in the first trimester is bad for the baby.

But I stuck to my mission statement — listen to your body. I ate the junk I could keep down, tried not to worry too much about the weight and now just a little ways into the second trimester it’s all balancing out.

I gained 5 kilos in the first 12 weeks but from week 12-18 didn’t go up one ounce, because now all of a sudden my body is saying yes to salads and fruit and protein again, thank goodness. I won’t lose the faith in my body’s ability to tell me what it needs.