(This photo is from when I was almost 5 months pregnant. I thought I was huge and I was mad that nobody was asking me how far along I am. HA.)

Everything about pregnancy is so instinctual. For instance, my sense of smell is heightened, which, as you can probably imagine, is not always enjoyable. But in some instances it’s kind of cool. I’ve developed a nose for Dani. With no cologne or detergents or anything, I am 100% positive that if you blindfolded me and set me to pick him out of a crowd of 200 men, I could do it.

He tells me that ever since I’ve gotten pregnant, when we’re not together he can’t stop thinking about me and wondering if I’m ok — Mother Nature telling him to take care of the mother of his child so that his offspring will survive.

And I feel this incredibly strong pull to him as well. I don’t want to be out and about. I don’t want to be on the road. All I want is to be with him because that’s when I feel safe. My biological urges tell me, “Find the father of your child and stay by his side because he is the one who will take care of you and make sure you survive this.”

In the caveman days, “He’ll bring you food.”

Now, “He’ll bring you food.”

It would be incredibly romantic if it weren’t hormonal. Don’t get me wrong, we were madly in love before I was pregnant and that pull has always been there for both of us. But it’s intense now and it would be silly to deny that part of that isn’t our instincts telling us to make sure our offspring is protected. The primordiality of it all is fascinating.