I really don’t even know where to begin with this crazy destination wedding I just shot in Brazil.

You already saw a few of the awesome beach portraits we did before the ceremony started. If you follow me on Facebook you probably already heard me mention that Clare and Renato picked me and all their guests up in a party bus to drive 7 hours over roads made of sand to the tiny little town of Ituanas, all while consuming massive amounts of beer.

But really, nothing I can say or do will totally sum up this experience.

The love.

The family.

The friends.

Clare is an Aussie. Renato is a Brazilian. They met on a bus in London, totally randomly. Is that not the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?!

And they’re the most chill people, as are all of their loved ones. The day — no scratch that, the entire 5 days we spent together — had the best laid back, relaxed, happy vibe. I adored every single second I spent with Clare and Renato. And truth be told, I wouldn’t say that about many people 🙂

Clare changed out of Havaianas to Melissa shoes. Couldn’t get more Brazilian than that!

Pretty sure the whole town of Ituanas came out to the church to watch the big event!

Marcelo and I made them a same-day slideshow to show them some of the pictures from earlier. This was their reaction: Tears! Everybody cry!

It started raining at the end and this wedding reception turned into a rave!