A woman’s reaction to being pregnant is immediate and instinctive. There is a physical change in you, tangible ways to come to terms with the fact that there’s a life inside of you.

But a man doesn’t experience that. How do you break it to your boyfriend of 5 months that you just linked your lives infinitely? His genetic code is living and will soon be breathing in my belly.

I didn’t know if my Dani would be ready for this. We’ve only talked about having kids a few times but consider the fact that we’ve only been dating for a short while…then add to that a massive influx of hormones raging through my system, and I was absolutely terrified to tell him.

I invited him to come over after work and eat dinner. He walked in, gave me a hug and a kiss and I could barely control myself. Later on he told me, “I looked at your face and I knew.”

I was on the verge of tears as I asked him to sit down, and said, “My Beloved Dani, we’re going to have a baby. I’m pregnant.”

He smiled the biggest smile, a smile that illuminated my whole being, then he started crying tears of joy. We sat there on my futon, holding each other and crying, kissing one another and saying, “Can you believe it?”

My biggest fears dissipated in that moment. His strength and calmness, his sureness was everything I needed. “This is the right time time Kyle, we’re going to be ok, I love you.”

That night, we went to go do CrossFit and as we were leaving my gym, he grabbed my hand, pulled me to him, gave me a kiss on the lips and then a kiss on the stomach and jokingly said to our unborn baby, “How was your first workout my Little Lion?” My heart almost exploded out of my chest. I felt as though I’d been granted permission to be the happiest woman alive.