On my last post, Anita said she always wondered how the couples I photograph meet…soooooo here you go Anita…Cony and Fernando met at a meditation retreat in Buenos Aires! After seeing the photos of these two getting down on the dance floor at their wedding, you might find that hard to believe 🙂

But it’s true, Cony is also super into yoga, and both of them have a wonderful calm presence about them — which fortunately managed to hold up their whole wedding day at Valle Escondido. They were relaxed and happy in the face of chaos, never too nervous to smile at each other in the ceremony, never too busy saying hello to a million people to find one another for a kiss, never too caught up in the party with their friends to find a moment to dance together.

Their day was absolutely amazing, I am so happy I got to be a part of it! You must watch the slideshow here, it came out SO GOOD!!!

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