This wedding was filled with such a fantastic vibe, “buena onda” as they call it in Chile. Pia and Nico got married with the joy of two school kids who just had their first kiss on the playground. That’s not to say their love isn’t deep and meaningful — it is! But there’s something so beautifully innocent and sweet about the way they light up like kids when they look at each other or how hard they make one another laugh. You can help but smile constantly when you’re with them, that kind of good energy is contagious! It spread from them out through all of their friends and family, you can see that even the grandmas and the grandpas were out on the dance floor getting down all night long. And it spread to all of their vendors. From the caterer, to the DJ (my favorite wedding DJ in the world, DJ Tio) to me, I think all of us there were so happy to be a part of the event and just wanted to do our absolute best work in order to feel like we were helping to contribute to the excitement and happiness of Pia and Nico.

I will leave this blog post short and sweet and close with the following — I LOVE THESE TWO CRAZY KIDS! <3

Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-01 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-02 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-03 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-04 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-05

Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-07 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-06  Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-08 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-09 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-10 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-11 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-12  Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-14 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-15 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-16 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-17 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-18 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-19 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-20 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-21 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-22 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-23 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-24 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-25 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-26 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-27 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-28 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-29 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-30 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-31 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-32 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-33 Matrimonio-Casona-Anwandter-34